Graphic Design

Graphic design and web design often go hand-in-hand.  A site can be beautifully designed but if solely composed of text with no imagery to better convey the message and breakup information, a visitor usually is quick to leave. Working with diocesan agencies has given me the opportunity to design web graphics for catholic schools, papal events, liturgical celebrations and more.  I break down graphic design into two categories:

Graphics for Web: Designing Ads  that will live on the website or be incorporated into a newsletter/parish mailing. CLICK HERE for some web graphic samples.

Graphics for Print: Ads designed for print such as flyers, programs (weddings, confirmation, 1st communion, etc.), posters and more. CLICK HERE for some print graphic samples.  

As a Catholic who knows the meaning behind the signs and symbols of the Church, you can rest assured that I will strive to incorporate these aspects into my design work to best convey their message and meanings to all those who view them.