Web Development

Site Development

In my Catholic orientated web development and design I aim to convey the content of your website in an easy to find and stylish way. I develop all kinds of Catholic orientated websites, from parish sites to church event landing page. Upon taking on a project I take into consideration the following points (amongst others):

  • Is there a need for a new website, is your current website sufficient?
  • If not, what features/information would you like to convey on the site?
    • Which features are the most important to the least important?
  • Is your parish a multi-lingual community? I include language translation functionality built into the website. Need the site in Spanish, Creole, Korean or any other language? No problem.
  • Do you have any design preferences?
    • Colors, fonts, logos (need one designed?)
  • Do you currently have social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and do you want them to be integrated into the site?
  • Do you have a mailing list/newsletter in place to contact your audience (parishioners in the case of a parish)

These are just some of the questions we would go over so I could provide the best professional advice and services in order to meet your needs. If I feel that your current site is good as is, you can trust me to tell you that. I will not push unnecessary services.

Website Maintenance

Along with the initial web development I offer monthly maintenance services. These include:

  • Web software and security updates
  • Content updates
    • Weekly interactive bulletin uploads
    • Content updates (for example a pastor’s column or audio files from a talk)
    • Maintenance and photos uploads to the parish photo gallery
    • Parish staff training on how to make calendar and less technical content updates
    • Other miscellaneous services

Newsletter Design/Intergration

As mentioned in the above points I also specialize in newsletter design, setup and integration. If needed I will also train parish staff on how to make newsletter content updates, adding subscribers to a mailing list, newsletter sends and whatever may be needed.