My Design Philosophy

aquinas‘Design by a Catholic for Catholics’

From working in the Church as a web/graphics person for over 7 years I noticed that more often than not there is a polar-ism that seems to plague Catholic design. On one extreme you have devout, good intentioned Catholics who want to communicate the faith but lack the tools and skill to do so. In order to combat this I have seen church agencies bring in professional design teams that have the tools and talent but lack an essential element: an understanding and belief in Christ and the teachings of his Catholic Church. One cannot express or convey what they don’t have, even if they have the tools to do so.

Here at Graphical Catholic I try to combine the best of both worlds. I am a devout Catholic who knows and lives (tries) his faith, and at the same time a design professional who utilizes his skill on a daily bases, in the Church and in the world. I aim to provide the best technical and design solutions to communicate the Gospel and serve the needs of the Church.